Intel Inside, Idiot Outside.. so they say…

I had the utmost pleasure last week to experience an overheated motherboard. I’m talking toast people – roast toasties.

I saw trouble when the computer started overheating. 90 degrees celsius. I had one of those desktops where the bios didn’t have a temperature setting. “Intel Inside”. So I checked the temperature with a little program. The temperature went up to 95, 93, 98, 90 and so forth. The case of the computer got so hot, I could not put my hand on it! I would then switch off my computer and put a floor fan on it! “Idiot outside” My clients weren’t very happy with me!!!

While doing something on the internet, my mom standing beside me, the PSU fan switched off, on, off, on and finally off. I bought a new PSU fan just over a year ago (the classic case of 1 year guarantee, and it dies 1 year and 1 month later). So I phoned the computer shop nearby and bought a new PSU fan. My dad put it in the computer.

On a lovely Thursday morning, I switched on my computer, checked my emails and went to take a bath. When I came out, my computer was resetting itself. And resetting itself. Over and over again. At first I thought it downloaded and installed Automatic Updates and restarted. But why didn’t it boot up? So I tried to restart it. No Go. OK – switch off. Wait 5 minutes. Switch on…

That was the last time my poor computer worked. It died a hot and cruel death.  On the bright side, the new PSU fan worked… pity nothing else worked. I knew – the motherboard blew. And I knew – the hard drive could be gone too. With my work.

I have a backup system, but my emails were my biggest concern. I back up as regularly as I can, but you know Murphy – my next backup day was the next day!! So we take my computer apart, my dad takes out the hard drive and puts it in his computer.

Breath in, breath out. Stay calm. Don’t bite your nails. No, don’t eat the entire slab of chocolates – it will be done soon. PRESTO! It worked! My precious little desktop picture shows up on my dad’s computer, with all my files and folders! PHEW!!!!! Where is the rest of that chocolate!

Now I start to backup like mad. Of course MS Office wants to activate and I must bypass that, I can’t get my address book, emails download then I must backup again, etc, etc, etc, but I’m so thankful that I can backup all my stuff, I don’t even care!!

Now I have the lovely job of letting my clients know – I’m sorry, your work is NOT done, because I have a piece of toast. “what?”. Oh, sorry, my computer fried. “Uhm, Annemarie, are you on something?”Ag man, my computer blew up! “Oh, why don’t you say so!”

So that was my last week of March / Beginning of April! And this is no April Fools Joke – I wish it was!

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