Change yourself and everything else will follow

Every day we hear about crime, corruption, death, rape and murder. The news is filled with bad news, dooming futures and scary facts that have us lock our doors and look over our shoulders.

Money MarketsMoney matters are not looking any better. Markets are down, companies are failing, investors are withdrawing and prices just keep rising. Service delivery is of very poor quality and the quality of the products we do get are going down by the minute.

It is enough to drive one to depression.

Or, every person can start to affect the change.

If every person start to change themselves, their thoughts, their actions and their attitudes, change is inevitable. If every person starts to do positive things, think positive thoughts, improve their relationships and reach out to others – imagine the change that will happen! A lot of people have the thought or feeling they want to do it, but that is where it stays – a feeling or a thought. The challenge comes with action. Actually doing something.

I’m not talking about money.

I’m talking about acts of kindness, a smile towards a stranger, patience, consideration, Cardslistening instead of hearing, appreciating the small things in live. Every person has something to be thankful for – speak it out loud – and truly be thankful. Do not concentrate on what you do not have, concentrate what you DO have! Carry that attitude towards others – pay it forward – and see the change starting.

No one ever said life will be easy. There is no book on how to handle life. We get a hand of cards and we have to play that hand. See the possibilities of the cards and play the game of your live.

Change will only happen when YOU start with yourself.

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