WIIFM? What’s in it for me?

If you browsed through my website, hopefully you saw the page “benefits to your and your business“. There I summarized what I thought you should know about Virtual Assistants and what they can do for you. Yet I still get potential clients asking me questions and people telling me I can’t help them where they need help the most.

“How can you know what stress I have if you are not in my office? You are not here!”

That is the entire point. I do not add to your stress by being in your space. I take work out of your office, into mine, thus creating space for you to deal with something else. I’m not there to ask questions, be in your way or use your equipment, resources or drink the last of your coffee!

“Then how are you going to help me when there is a crisis?”

You email / fax / courier the documents or project to me and I complete the work in my office, on my equipment, using my own resources. If I have any questions, I will email you and you can answer me when you have TIME and ENERGY to deal with it. Most VA’s have extensive administrative experience and 99% of the time, we will understand the project, so questions will be the minimum. You can continue dealing with what is happening in your office and we will do the project on our side. We also do not have phones that are ringing and clients walking in the entire time, so our time is spend entire on YOUR work.

“I’m still not convinced, you don’t know my company and my type of work…”

Then tell me. Just as you will tell your other colleagues what is going on, talk to me and explain to me. Just because I’m a Virtual Assistant, doesn’t mean I speak Marsian! Remember, I am also a business owner, I also get stress times. I might understand better than you know! Even if we are in totally different industries, I work WITH you – if you succeed, I succeed – so work WITH ME.

“I find it easier to type as I think, even though it takes me hours”

What about recording it and I transcribe it for you? You can still think as you speak, pause the tape recorder and record again when you gathered your thoughts. There are many websites where you can upload the audio, I download it, type your document and send it to you. It saves you the time in front of the computer AND the frustrations.

I don’t know WHERE you can help me”

Tell me what you do. How does an ordinary work day look like to you? What do you hate to do? What would you love to outsource? There will be confidential matters you can’t outsource, but there will always be work that you can outsource. Do you have any typing that needs to be done? What about your blog – can I write your content for you? Upddate your social media sites? There are so many options – you must just tell me what you do, how you do it, when you do it and I can take it from there.

Any other questions?

I would really love to hear from you – the potential client – How can I help you?

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  1. Koos Roux

     /  April 3, 2012

    HI Annemarie, Ek het nou met groot belangstelling jou bladsy gelees! Ek moet sê dit is baie indrukwekkend en oortuigend! Dalk is ek net oud, want die konsep is vir my baie ‘futuristies’, hoewel ek kan sien dat dit die rigting van die toekoms is! En hier het jy in fb ‘n uitstekende advertensiemedium! Ek hoop jy kry sommer tonne werk! Sterkte! Rx

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