The Client is “always” right, right?

Clients. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

When you are a Virtual Assistant, you get all the sorts – the easy ones, the difficult ones, the confused ones, the hard-headed ones. The ones that don’t really know what they want, the ones that tell you precisely how you will do the work, by when and why. And since the client is always right, you dare not say anything.

I find it difficult sometimes to bite my lip – when a client says something, is offensive, personal, verbally abusive, rude or obnoxious – is the client then also always right? Where do you draw the line?

At the start of my business I have told a few people that I do not appreciate their tone or the things they tell me and they went along telling other professionals that I am aggressive, touchy, rude and people should not work with me. So I “toned down” a little. Then I got the abusive clients who walked all over me – since you are not standing up for yourself, you are a pathetic person and I will bully you. That didn’t last long either.

Now after 4 and a half years I think my existing clients know me and I know how to handle new clients better.

Do not go solely on the tone of their voice! Some people SOUND like they are insulting you, but they actually are not!

Other people may say something with a snipe behind it, MEANT to cut right through you.

Above all, I learned that I am my own boss. If something is against my religion, faith, believes or values, I say no. The one thing I must still learn is to say no to bullies. they come in many disguises – start out sweet and go sour, or compliment you just to get you to do more work or verbally abuse you to break you down so they can control you. In fact they are just little people looking for a place in the sun and the only way they can find it, is by stepping on you.

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