One Moment and….

How is your business treating you? Is work streaming in? Are your clients satisfied? And are they telling you that they are?

I found myself extremely busy the last month – more work than I could handle, outsourcing to other VA’s, working through the night to keep with the deadlines and my bank manager smiling all the way. My phone rang day and night and clients were dishing out compliments like there is no tomorrow. And then it happened.

One project.

One mistake.

My attention wasn’t on my work, my head was full of other things and I didn’t concentrate on what I was doing.

And I messed up big time.

The result?

I lost a big client, a friend, someone I trusted. I destroyed a relationship, hard work and a year and a half of working together. With one mistake, one moment of not looking what I was doing, it was gone.

I cannot take it back, I cannot rebuild the trust. The work is gone, the damage is done. The relationship is in shatters. One moment, one mistake. A lifetime of regret.

What I’m trying to tell you guys is:

1. When you work, do one thing at a time. Concentrate on that one thing.

2. Multitask only when absolutely necessary.

3. Treasure your clients, your friends and your relationships. They can be gone in one moment, with one silly mistake, forever.

4. THINK – before you speak, think about your words! How many times have we heard “in the heat of the moment we say things that could have been left alone”? Really, really listen to that – it is true!

5. ACT – When you make a mistake, take responsibility. Re-evaluate, take action and move on. You cannot go back and correct the mistake, it’s over. Make the best of the situation and move on.

6. LEARN! What did I do wrong? What could I have done better? Why did this happen? How can I prevent this in the future?

7. FEEL – Does it hurt? Did it cost you money? Remember that feeling and next time, before you make that same mistake, you will remember that feeling – “wait a minute, I did this before and it hurt like mad!” or “Last time I lost a boat load of money doing this”. Emotions are extremely strong compasses of life.

When you find yourself on the ground, the carpet pulled from underneath you, because that one important relationship is gone, take a moment and think about it, feel the emotions, learn from the experience and move on. And then, the last step – REMEMBER.

Remember not to do that mistake again;

Remember the good times you had in that relationship;

Remember what you’ve learned;

And remember – you are only human.

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