Decisions, decisions, decisions

Life is a series of decisions. You decided to get up, brush your teeth, what to wear. You decided to drive / walk to work. Small decisions all contribute to the bigger picture called “Your Life”.


So why does the words “Your Future” scare you and especially when you hear you must make decisions about “your future”? You will have to decide to get up, brush your teeth, what to wear, drive / walk to work… all the small decisions will still be there, but you are already making them! You are a master at small decisions! And what you might not know is that all these small decisions turn into bigger and bigger decisions without you realizing it.


You are faced with financial decisions, health decisions, family decisions, retirement decisions, work decisions – and it all seems just too much. Where do you start? What do you do? It is all just too much! You cannot decide about retirement NOW! You are not even 40 years old! How can you make family decisions when you are single? Funeral cover? Who wants to think about that, never mind decide on something like that!


The problem is, you see all these decisions as one big scary monster and not the individual small decisions they are.

Getting out of bed – Financial Decisions

Brushing your teeth – Health Decisions

What to wear – Family Decisions

Drive / Walk to Work – Retirement Decisions


Did you know that buying a new cell phone consists of the following decisions?

  1. Do I have enough money?
  2. Which type of cell phone do I want?
  3. Which type of cell phone can I afford?
  4. Which type of cell phone do I need?
  5. Where do I buy the cell phone?
  6. What kind of contract do I take?
  7. Do I buy any extras?

And that is before you walk into the shop!


When you are in the shop, you are bombarded with specials, one-time-deals, loans, contracts, cell phones with XYZ extra, Buy-one-get-one-free and all sorts of applications and appliances, extras and goodies! Right there, on the spot you have to make a decision – do I stick with my choice or do I give in?


Cell Phone Buying – Funeral Cover Decisions


Life is a series of decisions. Every moment of every day we decide something – either short-term or long-term, but we make a decision. Do not let the word “Future” scare you and make you procrastinate. Make the important decisions while you still can.

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