I am a Virtual Assistant! “A What???”

I help educated professionals whose biggest need is to have more time in their day, at the end of the week and / or during the month. I help them get more time for business, potential business, family and personal time.
I do this by taking everyday admin off their schedules, doing tedious, time wasting tasks and saving them money at the same time.

  • I’ve captured information for a geologist of over 900 entries in MS Excel while he continued with his other projects;
  • A profiling company entrusted over 200 job profiles to me for typing in less than 3 weeks;
  • I’ve helped students with the transcription of their MBA interviews;
  • I typed a manual of 500 pages in 5 days!

No job is too big or too small for Amazing Admin Assist. So why choose me? What makes me unique?

  • I type 100wpm;
  • I’m honest and trustworthy;
  • I proofread my own work;
  • My work is my passion and,
  • I add that personal touch to my work;
  • I care about EVERY project AND every client.

Amazing Admin Assist works WITH you, so if you succeed, I succeed. I’m in your corner, without being in your face.

Amazing Admin Assist
Service with a Smile

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